Friday, July 08, 2005

Let her eat cake!

I haven't have many cravings in the past 27 weeks. I loved my Doritos in the beginning, and then there were the pizza rolls. I needed mangos for a bit and couldn't get enough of Thai food (still can't, I don't think it's the pregnancy, I just think it's me). The queso incident and the Krispy Kreme mentioned in a book that sent me reeling one midnight are moments I'll not soon forget.

Food. I love it. If you know me, you know I'm not a dieter. Yes, I do get the guilt that every women wrongfully feels when she puts fork to mouth. But, I can never be one of those women that have willpower to attain the perfect body through fasting or low-carbs or only watermelon, or whatever the plan may be. I just think life is too short and I like myself too much to deprive myself of something so good. So, pregnancy has been very good to me in the food department. I haven't taken advantage of it like I thought I would, but there have been a few insane moments where all I could think about was food, food, FOOD!

I'd been craving cake ever since Sunday. I wanted it so bad. I made J. search through the pantry for cake mix. I whined and begged and I even managed to make a few tears sprout in my eyes. I had hoped that the dramatics would convince him that he needed to run to Kroger at that very moment (probably 10:48 p.m. on Tuesday night) to pick up one of those ready-made ones and get back here with the goods and a large fork immediately. No such luck.

Finally, on the way home last night, I made him pull over and let me have what I had been covetting for five days!! It was a beautiful cake and I couldn't wait to finish dinner and have my slice. My eyes were like saucers and my mouth watered as if I'd been starved for weeks. I rushed through my dinner and wished the minutes away for that to settle (as you get bigger with beans, your stomach has less room to expand, therefore you get fuller quicker - not good for a woman on a mission!). Finally, I had my slice! It looked like the best cake I'd ever had. I couldn't wait to eat it and was already thinking of asking for a second slice. everything in life, my desire for the cake and the anticipation of getting it far outweighed the experience of eating it. It was a letdown. It was good cake, don't get me wrong. It wasn't the best I ever had, but definitely not the worst. But. It just didn't scratch that itch. It didn't hit the spot, like I thought it would. What a disappointment.

Now, I have another five slices left to finish off (J, as per his norm, cut the slices to their exact serving slice, so that he could have one on his "Cheat Day" and know exactly what he was eating). I'm not in a rush, I won't be shedding any tears. Well, not for cake at least. I've got about 10 weeks to go and I'm sure between now and then I'll have another food breakdown.


Jürgen Nation said...

Ohhhh...that looks so good. I'd be over your house if it were yellow! (With buttercream frosting.)

Jürgen Nation said...

Er, are you going to update? Ever?