Tuesday, August 23, 2005

From the Father-to-Be

First of all, Jean wants to apologize for not returning phone calls oremails. I told her she was being silly for apologizing but she making medo it. Below is a summary of the last 5 days.

This is just from my memory, the days are starting to blend together. For me a Monday doesn't feel like a Monday anymore, it just feels like any other day. Also, Jean is not up for visitors. She is pretty darn miserable and is just concentrating on what she is going through. Jean and I went to the hospital Wed morning at 7:30am for a 'non-stress test'. Just a normal test to make sure everything is okay. At this time the nurses noticed that Jean was contracting every 2 minutes. We stayed in the emergency birthing dept for about 4 hours so they could continue to monitor the babies. The doctors then decided to admit Jean to the Labor and Delivery dept and give here an IV of magnesium sulfate (not fun) to help stop the contractions. The contractions started to slow around 4am on Thursday morning.

On Thursday they decided to move Jean to the antepartum dept because she was doing better. She stayed there all day Thursday. Her contractions were happening about every 8 min.

Friday morning Jean's contractions started getting closer together and more painful. So, the doctor's sent her back to labor and delivery for more magnesium. Jean's contractions were so bad on Friday night that the doc's gave her asleeping pill and morphine to help with the pain.

Saturday morning Jean was doing better, her contractions were every 8-10 min, so they sent her back to the antepartum dept. The doc's decided that since Monday (today) is exactly 34 weeks they were not going to give Jean any drugs to stop the labor. So, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night Jean's contractions were happening every 2-3 min. On a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain you can imagine) Jean's pain was about 6-7. The doc's decided to give her pain meds to help with the pain and help her sleep. I was 99% sure that the babies were going to be born Saturday night. Sunday was very very similar to Saturday. A lot of contractions and a lot of pain. I spent the night at the hospital Wed, Thur, Fri, and Saturday. The funny thing is that with all of the contractions, Jean is only dilated to 2 cm. Maggie is extremely low and in perfect birthing position, but Jean is still not dilating any further. Also on Sunday night the doc's didn't want to give Jean any paid meds. Finally, around 12 midnight they gave Jean morphine for the pain but it didn't help much, she only ended up getting about 2 hours sleep.

So, that's pretty much it. Jean and I were positive that the babies were going to be born over the weekend. However, the doctor's will not perform a c-section, no matter how much pain Jean is in, unless the babies are in danger. That's about it. It is killing me that I have to be at work while Jean is going through this, but there isn't much I or anyone else can do for her at this time. I will keep everyone posted.


J├╝rgen Nation said...

Jean! If you're reading this, I heart you. I hope you're okay!!! Sunshine, it will all be over soon.

I'm thinking about you!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Aunt Stacy

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Can't wait til this is over for you and you guys get to meet your perfect little girls. Sorry you are in so much pain, I can't even imagine. You are being so brave for the girls!