Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wrath of the Weeble Wobble

It appears that someone didn't read the rules. Since when is it appropriate to indicate to a woman, ANY WOMAN, that she is fat, big, large, obese, abnormal, etc.? And since when is it appropriate to assume that just because said woman is pregnant, you can comment on her weight as if you're mentioning the weather?

Before I rant, let me do a bit of justification (it makes me feel better, so just deal with it):

I'm not that big. I'm my own worst critic and I can say with all honesty, I AM NOT THAT BIG. I was actually worried in the beginning because I was not gaining any weight in the first trimester. In fact, I asked my OB whether I should be concerned about it. She wasn't, so I reveled in my non-changing body for the few days that I had left.

Now, I've gained 7 lbs. over 4 months. I'm not a big person, so I knew that I would show quicker, PLUS I'm HAVING TWINS!!!! I've read that you show two months ahead of a person your size with a singleton....GRRRRR!!!! Thank you public for making me doubt myself...

Incident #1 (last week): I'm walking towards the office kitchen to get water. Atty. is walking out of the meeting, smirks and says, "Geez, don't go and have them here!" Forced smiles cause headaches. I've learned that.

Incident #2 (last night @ Target):

Cashier: "When are you due?"
Me: "December, I mean, October 3rd."
Cashier: "Wow!" (with annoyingly shocked look on her face)
Me: "I'm having twins."
Cashier: "Are you serious? Wow! Congratulations. For a minute there, I was thinking, you look really big for only 4 months!"

Incident #3: (5 minutes ago in front of Sharon's cube):

Atty: "Hey! What's going on?"
Me & Sharon:
"Hi Atty!"
Atty: "Wow, you're getting big!"
"There's two in there!"
"Really? Oh, I didn't know that! I was going to say, you better slow down!"
Me: "Ha!" (As I reach for the bowl of jelly beans.)

Dear Public:

I have allowed you to touch my belly, question my genetic background, give me unsolicited advice and educate me on the horrors of childbirth. I think I've endured enough without having to be told that I am fat. Next time you reference my weight or size in anyway, I will look at you with wondering eyes and tell you point blank, "I'm not pregnant." and watch you squirm with uneasiness as I waddle away giggling. You have been warned.


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Lori Anne Haskell said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. 7 pounds and people are even saying ANYTHING to you? That is nothing. I know so many women that can go up and down 10 pounds in a week, and noone says a WORD to them. I think people think that because you are pregnant, they are allowed to make the comments or something. It is not like you are gaining actual weight--its just the baby and related issues.