Monday, May 02, 2005

Appointment update...and other news...

I don't, as a rule, post all of the appointment information, but this one was especially memorable. At this appointment, I had to take the glucose tolerence test, which was absolutely disgusting, but simple enough. I had to drink 10 ounces of orange flavored, carbonated glucose drink in five minutes. It was no easy feat and I didn't think I could make it. I have to test twice during my pregnancy because of the fact that multiple pregnancies hold a greater risk of gestational diabetes, as does a family history of diabetes. Two strikes. So, keep your fingers crossed and we'll see soon if I've got it...

The main reason I'm writing is because I was able to hear the cutest thing ever! Dr. M. was checking heartbeats (and didn't give me a heart rate which is frustrating...Dr. P. is the only OB in the practice that will tell me the heart rates...the others just indicate that they are good, etc.) and I was able to distinctly hear both of them loud and clear. But!!! She continued checking and told me they were fighting in there!!! AHAHAHA!!!! I thought I heard something different, a sort of thump-thump-thump. J was proud of that and desperately wants to get them matching "Tap Out or Pass Out" t-shirts. I have grown quite a bit in the past few weeks, but it looks like they are already running out of room and are jostling for space. It's put a smile on my face that likely won't leave for a few hours at least. Just thinking of them growing in there and developing personalities already - or at least I think so - makes my heart warm and makes them so much more real.

In other news, I am sad to say, I've seen the Starlight bedding in person and I'm so disappointed. It's not nearly as beautiful as what I saw on the website. So, now we're back to square one. I looked around for awhile to see if anything else would catch my eye, but nothing stood out. I think I may get a better idea after we find out who's in there.

Grandma & Grampa M. bought the beans their side-by-side stroller and I can't wait to get it! We weren't able to get a crib this weekend because of the fact that I wasn't able to find just the right bedding.

Stay tuned! On Friday, we have our fetal anatomy scan at the hospital. We've taken the day off in hopes that we can celebrate (1) healthy babies and (2) finding out who the heck are in there! We're keeping it a secret for ourselves for a couple of days, just to savor the news on our own, and we're sharing the news (if we are able to find out) with our families on Sunday - Mother's Day! It's also Grandma S.'s birthday, so hopefully it will be extra special for her!!

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Anonymous said...

I will call you all day long and show up on your doorstep and sleep there until I find out who my Beans-By-Proxy are!!! You think I'm kidding!