Saturday, May 14, 2005

May 6, 2005. 18 weeks 4 days.

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Here are our beans! It's getting easier and easier to see what they look like. As I posted before, #2 is 9.4 oz. and #1 is 9.5 oz. It was so wonderful to see them...I am so glad that I get to have so many ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy. It makes it more real (as if this ridiculously growing belly isn't proof enough!).#2 was curled up and sleepy throughout the scan. In fact, I had to roll this way and that in order for the tech to properly measure her! In both photos, you can see her placenta, which she was resting on at one point. In the first photo, she appears to be clasping her hands together and in the second one you can see her little legs scrunched up. #1 was flipping all over the place. At one point on her back and then soon after on her belly. The black spot towards her bottom is her stomach and the larger divided dark spot are the four chambers of her heart. In her second photo, she looks like she's rubbing her head or eyes. It's amazing how big they are getting. I've said before that I can't believe how they are going to fit in here, but I guess that's why I just keep growing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie and Audrey! I can't wait to figure out which one of you was so active in there! You'll be a gymnast, I'm sure. You'll be just like your active daddy, never needing a battery but going when most of us would conk out. and the other, more content and serenely quieter one. You'll be like your mommy. Cerebral, kind,'ll pick your battles with your sister. I see you as the reader, the one that will get just as much excitement out of a great book that your mommy does (and your aunt S!).

I've said it before, but I can't WAIT to meet you two. You're going to bring so many smiles to your mommy and daddy, I can't even say.