Friday, June 03, 2005

Another appointment...

PSA: Beginning with this one, I'll start to go every two weeks, so you may start to get a little more than bored at my progress reports. But, this is mainly for documentation purposes, since I find myself too busy or exhausted to pick up a pen, so feel free to skip them.

Now that that is out of the way...I was late again to my appointment. And to think, I'm the only one in my family who is close to being on time! I arrived to discover that as of August 1, Dr. P will no longer be practicing obstetrics, just gynecology. I'm a little upset by this, since she is my primary doctor. But, during this pregnancy, I've been able to meet with all of the doctors and have no complaints about any of them. In order to maintain their on-call practice, they will be working with three OBs from Farmington Hills...and one is a MAN!!! YIKES! A young man! I'm sure he's seen it all but I am crossing everything that he won't deliver the beans. My first choice would be Dr. W. She's wonderful and just had a baby, so she knows.

On to our progress...I've gained 17, yes SEVENTEEN POUNDS (eat that CVS cashier!), since the beginning of the pregnancy. Dr. W. was beginning to worry that I wasn't gaining as much weight as I should (Dr. Barbara Luke suggests at least 24 lbs. by Week 24!) and asked if I have been eating enough. I had to giggle at that one...I feel like a vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal! Put a plate of anything in front of me and it'll be gone before you know it! The beans had good heartrates, at 150 bpm and 140 bpm and everything else looks great! She said I've developed carpal tunnel in both, not just my right hand, and that I have to reduce my salt intake (No!!) and elevate my feet & legs every evening. Poor J. - he's been so good about everything...he goes to work and then comes home and takes care of me, the condo and the dog. And always with a good attitude and no complaints.

Starting at my next appointment, they will be monitoring me for pre-term labor. I'll be going for check-ups every two weeks beginning June 14th and for non-stress tests at the hospital every week, beginning August 8th. They will also be monitoring the babies' growth with ultrasounds every 3-4 weeks, beginning June 8th. Finally, my next glucose test is on June 28th to double-check for gestational diabetes. I'm very impressed with how thorough these doctors are with regard to this multiple pregnancy. After watching what Angie and James went through, I have been terrified that something will be missed. But with this sort of treatment, I think all of us are in good, capable hands.

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J├╝rgen Nation said...

Good grief! But, I'm so happy that you're in good, capable, safe hands. I can't wait!!!

Don't you just want a Snickers right now? Heehee.