Thursday, June 30, 2005

For Stacy...

Since she's offering to go on my diet, should my 3 hour glucose test come back just as bad as the one this past Monday (and I hear she's offering to poke her finger five times a day too! What a trooper!), I'll honor her request and post the sites for the registries:

Babies R Us


Ann Taylor Loft

P.S. S: are you also going to join me in my Iron supplements & Prune Juice??? Puh-leeze?


Jürgen Nation said...

J, you're really pushing it. I'll eat dried prunes, though. Those are nums. Are those too sugary? So much to learn.

I'M NOT PRICKING MY FINGER. For the eleventy-hundredth time.

Jürgen Nation said...

Waiddaminute. Ann Taylor LOFT? SPRINGER. I'm not falling for it.

Momma Bean said...

Click it! Click it! You know you want to! You'll love it! You inspired me anyhow.

Jürgen Nation said...

I inspired you for what?

And just as I will NOT prick my finger, I will not click the link. No!

Momma Bean said...

You know you want to! You inspired the link! Do it! DO IT!

P.S. I miss you already.

Jürgen Nation said...

I have no idea how I could have inspired anything, and I haven't clicked on it yet.


I know! Miss you too. SUCKS.

Jürgen Nation said...

OHHHHH!!!! You're the devil!!!!!

Heart you. xoxoxo