Monday, June 27, 2005

Super Size Me!

Yes, I feel like a weeble wobble. I. AM. HUGE. I'm growing out of my maternity clothes. My size larges are now getting a little snug. I must...*gasp* buy XL on my next shopping trip!! I haven't seen anything below my belly button for weeks. My toes touch each other from being so swollen and I contemplate just leaving whatever I've dropped on the floor until someone comes by to pick it up for me. I. AM. HUGE.

Funny thing is, according to my doctor, I lost 5 lbs. over the course of two weeks. She questioned my eating habits!!! My husband and the rest of our family can attest...I have NO problem eating at all. Though...because the girls are growing and pushing my insides out of the way, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to eat. My stomach doesn't have the room to expand that it used to. And if, on any particular meal, my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I decide to overindulge, I feel miserable for the next two hours and try to ease the pain by overdosing on Tums.

In other appointment news, the babies' hearts were beating away and everything looks good so far. Dr. W. was concerned about my extreme drowsiness. J and I now carpool to work after I mentioned to him that I've been falling asleep at the wheel and one day actuallly had to pull into a Meijer for five minutes to snap out of it. She warned me to expect to be taken off work in the next two to four weeks, which terrifies me. I can't even think about it. I will be miserable! I don't know what I'll do on house arrest!! Expect more posts, I guess. I'll be bored out of my mind.

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J! I can't wait to see you!!!!